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Frequently Asked Questions

Your doctor may ask you for a fee for this service. If you have a limited income you may wish to explain this to the doctor to see if he/she will waive the fee.

You are advised to leave a copy with a trusted relative or friend. You may also wish to obtain a “Message in a Bottle” from Lions Clubs International (which you store in your fridge). You can either note on the form enclosed in the bottle that you have made Advance Statements/Advanced Decisions and where your form is kept, or enclose a separate note stating this. Either way it provides an ideal way of making services aware that you have made Advance Statements/Advanced Decisions.

You obviously need to think carefully about the way you record your information. It is important that you have a trusted relative or friend who you can share your information with. However, don't be afraid to include anything which you feel is relevant and important to you; remember, if your wishes and feelings are not written down, then at the appropriate time those caring for you will not be aware of them and will be unable to act upon them.

There is no easy answer to this; take care not to leave spaces after any sentences or paragraphs, if there are spaces score through them. If you make any changes it might be worth writing it out again. Leave a copy of the original with someone trusted as noted above, this can then be checked and compared to see if changes have been made.

Best interest should not be overridden. Each situation should be considered by the professionals involved on a case by case basis.

As previously mentioned, your Advance Statements/Advanced Decisions are your responsibility so you will need to download the form from this website, print a copy then carefully complete it by hand. Keep your original safe, as advised above.

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